The uniform for Silver Surfers of CP is basically the same as the original one. Our colors are silver, red and dark blue inside. The member uniform is as follows:


Head: Hockey Helmet

Body: Red Hockey Jersey

Hand: Silver Surfboard

Feet: Nothing specific

All of these items have been in recent or current catalogs, so there is pretty much no excuse for you not having them. However, some items are hidden and rare, so if you need help finding them, just leave a comment on this page


The non-members uniform is any combination of silver/white and red items. The penguin color should be dark blue and have the red bandana as a neck item.


Any questions? Leave a comment.

~Silver Surfers staff

  1. What about girl? O.o

  2. Can we create our own outfit?

  3. Wut about the girl? #SaveTheGirls

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