Welcome to the Silver Surfers!


This is our official chatroom/headquarters! Earn memberships, prizes and more by joining our fun CP Army!

If you are a new & potential recruit, click on your xat default name when you visit our chatroom and start typing in the small chat box.



You can also click > HERE < to Join SSCP

~ Silver Surfers

Re-Opening Event

Wazzup Surfers,

We logged on to Big Surf, even though we don’t own a server, we’ll work on growing. Thanks everyone for coming!

Max: 5 | Average: 4


SS is back

All shall bow to SS.

 I’ve decided to bring back Silver Surfers, thanks to Coke and Antonio9’s permission. I used to be a friend of CokeNok back in IW but later I joined Ant’s Golds as a centurion for a while, just like old SS, but now I’m back for a while to keep SS alive. We’ll start small but that doesn’t bother us, we’re still allies/colonies with Golds and we’ll grow. Good luck guys!

Silver Surfers Land

Hello Surfers,

SSCP officially merges it’s nation into Golds. Our possibly final event could be the Legends Cup but if it isn’t, Silver Surfers will continue to be considered alive as the Golds’ colony. Nobody new will be allowed to join SS just yet.


Silver Surfers Premier

Silver Glory is Coming!

We will beat RPF! @LegendsCup2k16

Invasion of Canoe (VICTORY)

Good job surfers! We maxed 6 and averaged 5 with perfect tactics! I had to end up posting again for the other guys so yeah anyways we won. The enemy did not respond. 24 hour notice was already set on our site and on CPA.

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Invasion of Ice Pack [SUCCESSFUL]

We successfully took Ice Pack and transferred it to Golds. We will no longer be transferring servers or trading or possible invading from now on. We also cancel our transfer of Snow Day to Golds, they can keep Ice Cream.

~ Antonio960 |SS Premier|

Transfer 1 (Golds)

There will be a few negotiations between us and our bigger colony Golds.

We officially transfer Ice Cream and Snow Day to the Golds Army, they will also soon take Beanie.

We will be getting more soon enough..

[UK] Invasion of Ice Cream

Hey Surfers,

Good job guys, we successfully captured the server Ice Cream and we’d like to use our resources to upgrade Alpine to Level 2 Fortification. We didn’t use many pics.

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