Declaration of War on Ice Hounds

Ave Silver Surfers, today after our invasion of North Pole against the Ice Hounds me and Jodie discovered one of OUR troops was helping them the whole time and when we confronted him about it he said,


There isn’t much that pisses me off more than another army forcing troops to help them. We will destroy the Ice Hounds by taking all of their servers and watch as they crumble.


Konrad is such a prick that he thinks it is okay to “make deals” with people so they will help his army. Making a deal with Konrad is the same thing as making a deal with the devil, if Ice Hounds wants to Ator’s army, the Dark Force so be it. We will be ready to protect them at all costs. Ator is part of the Silver Surfers family and we must stick together. Ice Hounds I hope you’re ready because the Silver Surfers are just getting started! We will go ahead and make the war score 2-0 as we have already invaded two of your servers. Good luck Ice Hounds, because you’ll be needing a lot of it if you are planning on winning this war.




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