Silver Surfers Return Event [AUSIA]

Aloha amigos

It has begun. The probably not so final final wave of the Silver Surfers. The moment that you have all been waiting for; our much anticipated return. With both Cena and I as your superior commanders, make no mistake in assuming that we will be running this army, the army that you are a part of. Whether we strive in the S/M community or devour the major armies, we’ll always empty the saltiness of your tears onto our chips. You, my friends, will be the heart of this army; even if you decide to jump off of a cliff or something. The future is now, we are forever. Your superiors, your role models, probably your enemies. We are here to conquer.

Max and average 8


About Jodieღ

You never achieve your dreams if you don't chase them. Don't follow in the shadow of your aspirations, be them.

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  1. who let these people incharge? what the phuck

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