Rest in Peace ~ Silver Pride

Nothing Without Silver ~

After the first return in 2015 we made our own generation this summer accomplishing many proud achievements as a medium army & holding the largest nation in the S/M community because we always kept our Golds spirit. I made a promise with Lorenzo that SS would live until the end of the summer or longer and now SS can rest knowing it got the job done. We gave a good fight to our enemies and reaching high sizes which we will all remember until the end. The reasons of SS shutting down are multiple and I admit most are my fault for retiring from armies(was posted 1-2 weeks ago, now deleted) which is why am deeply sorry for those I let down. I want to thank Coquimichu, CSY and others for being loyal to SS and being part of our rise and journey… my final request is that we stay remembered in everyone who helped in this generation.

The First National Flag of SS

From sizes of 6 all the way to 16+ with chat size up to 25+…

~ Antonio960 [Silver Surfers Forever]

Sorry I couldn’t of expressed more into this post  but If someone wants to lead the Silver Surfers back to life later on then just contact Me, Lorenzo Bean or Tilgen to prepare for a new hope…


About Aɴᴛ/Aɴᴛᴏɴɪᴏ960 [Golds Army Legend] [CPA Veteran]

Fight the Good Fight

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  1. All nation is given to Ice Warriors, everyone that’s been in SS I hope stays together and know that one day we will come back.

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