[AUS] Unscheduled Event – Results!

Hey Surfers!

As promised, here is the AUS event that I said I would do some time this week. Stay tuned for our next one!

Max: 8

Average: 8

Yea I’m kinda lazy,

I’ll call for longer next time.


About CSY

Doritos of CP Legend Major Armies: Water Vikings (AUS Leader//2ic) - 3rd on CPAC Water Ninjas (Leader) - 3rd on CPAC Doritos of CP (AUS Leader//Leader-in-training) - 1st on CPAC Army of Club Penguin (2ic) - 1st on CPAC S/M Armies: Mission721 (Creator) - 7th on CPAC Snow Ninjas (Leader) - 8th on CPAC Silver Surfers (Leader) - 8th on CPAC Advising Capacity: Water Ninjas Silver Surfers Snow Ninjas Star Wars Army News: CP Army Central Vice President SM Army Press Associate Producer SM Army Central Chief Executive Officer Awards: CPAC Summer Awards (2015) - Best GFX Designer (2nd) SMAC Summer Awards (2015) - Best SMA Central Member of Staff (1st)

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