Silver Surfers Status Report #1

Sup Silver Surfers, it’s been about 3 weeks since we started this new generation of the army, so it’s time for an overview of our agenda. This will cover what has been done and what still needs to be worked on. This is also a good recap for anyone who missed the introductory post for this generation.

Task 1: Establish a presence on a Club Penguin server

Status: In Progress

We chose White Out as our base server, and have been doing some heavy recruiting on it ever since we opened. Contrary to what almost everyone outside of the army thinks, the reason for this is NOT to get “big” sizes with rogues to boost our Top Ten score. Although it’s fun to start with less than 10 troops and gather over 20 people, the reason we are doing all of these recruiting events is to make players familiar with the Silver Surfers on White Out. We want to be recognized by the people who often log on to the server and see us. This is also part of an effort to show that armies isn’t all about autotyping. Coke and I have also been adding as many rogue recruits as we can, so they’ll see us in uniform whenever we’re all online. This was a major aspect of Club Penguin armies pre-2011, and will be an ongoing process as we move forward.


Task 2: Getting recruits from Club Penguin onto the site

Status: Incomplete

Not gonna beat around the bush with this one; it just isn’t working yet. Although there have been some searches on Google that have led people to our site, we don’t know if they came from people who are already in armies. It’s difficult to get rogues on CP to search for us without saying things that will get us banned. All we can do is hope that saying ‘Silver Surfers’ will spark some interest and initiative. We have had rogue recruits start to chant ‘Silver Surfers’ with us, so that’s a start. It would also help if we could get some battles going on White Out, which ties into the next task.


Task 3: Have battles on busier servers

Status: Incomplete

So far we have only had two battles on White Out; one against Shadow Reacon and one against Golds. Neither yielded good results, and part of the reason for that may have been the SoundStudio Party taking over the Snow Forts. Fighting in a busier room should grab some attention make people interested in joining a side. Regardless of which side they join, if randoms start teaming up for battles, we are another step closer to recreating the old army feel.



Top Size: 23

Our top size so far was reached on February 15th during a recruiting session.

Beyond the goals above, we aim to become a war-ready army, raiding other events as well as hosting as many battles on White Out, or any busy server we can get. We want this army to be as fun as possible. While it’s nice to make headlines and get good rankings on news sites, at least for the attention it gives us, those play very little to no part in our agenda. I believe that focusing too much on that is what takes the fun out of armies. That stuff wasn’t around way back when, so disregarding them is going to help create an authentic experience of armies pre-2011.

-Lorenzo Bean, Silver Surfers Commander


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