Return of the Silver Surfers

The Silver Surfers of Club Penguin, an army that has rested in its grave for nearly 5 years, are being revived today. The goal of this project is to build up the army with loyal troops, setting it up for sustainability so it can compete with other armies for a long time. In our early stages especially, we will be focusing mostly on recruiting directly from Club Penguin without autotyping. We will train our recruits in the ways of CP armies and pass the reins to them when the time is right. Now for a bit of history on the Silver Surfers…

The Silver Surfers’ exact origins are uncertain. They started appearing in 2007 when the Silver Surfboard was introduced to the game, and more of an unorganized clan that caused a stir at Mammoth Dojo. On one of the old sites, Budop is credited as being the creator of the army. However, the army didn’t have a site for at least the first year of its existence. During its early days, SS was particularly troublesome to ACP. Because of its uniform, the Silver Surfers became a popular army for penguins to join, making them a powerful contender on Mammoth even without organization. Some time in early 2009, the army vanished. Later that year, I created this site and started a new generation of the Silver Surfers with Sriv007 and some other people from Ice Warriors. We had a very brief but enjoyable run until we got distracted and abandoned it. Another generation sparked in 2010, but it also failed to reach anywhere near the power of the original army. Since then the army has been dormant, most likely because of the drop in Club Penguin memberships making the Silver Surfboard impossible to get. But we believe the name is a good start, and are willing to give this a shot.

The tide rises.


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